From the main menu, select Email Communications.

Here, you can create new email campaigns, edit or delete existing campaigns, and view reporting data from sent campaigns. You are also able to export your customers' email addresses for use in 3rd-party email tools.

To create a new campaign, click the Add Email Communication button.

After entering the subject and message body, select the send time and the audience groups that you wish to receive the email by using the checkboxes below "Send To:". To test what your email will look like when it's sent, you can enter any email address into the Test Email Recipient box. Clicking the button will immediately send one copy of the email to that person for review purposes.

Once you've entered all of the information, you may choose to commit to scheduling the campaign by clicking Save & Schedule, or instead click Save as Draft to keep the campaign for later editing.

If a campaign has not yet been sent, you have the ability to go back and edit its contents and audience groups, as well as send additional test emails. If the campaign has already been sent, you will be able to to view data about it via the Report button.

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