To set up Google Analytics to track conversions on your Odeum website, you must be an administrator of your Google Analytics account.  While viewing your analytics property, click on the "Admin" gear icon in the lower left of the screen.

Once there, you will go to the "Goals" section by clicking on this item in the far-right panel.

Click on the button that says "New Goal" and begin with step 1 and set the goal to "Custom":

Click "Continue" to proceed to step 2.  Name the goal with something like "Subscribe" and then select "Destination" for the type and click continue.

After this, change the drop-down for the destination to "Begins with" and enter /user/activate  in the input field.  You may select a monetary value if you wish, but keep in mind that you cannot differentiate between different subscription prices here.

We recommend turning "Funnel" on, and naming the first step something like "Start Subscription" and entering /user/subscribe  in the input field.

Click Save and you're done!

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