Odeum allows Publishers to fully brand their Odeum channel by adding a custom domain (hostname) to their website.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose your hostname and configure the DNS

  2. Configure the new custom domain in the Odeum Dashboard

  3. Wait 24 hours for SSL provisioning

Follow these details to complete the steps:

Choose your hostname and configure the DNS

The first thing to do is decide on a hostname for your channel.  Many of our publishers choose a subdomain of their main website - for example: tv.yourwebsite.com or video.yourwebsite.com.  Alternatively, you may use a top-level domain name (TLD) for your Odeum website.  Something like www.mytvchannel.com.  

You will need to have the domain name registered and the ability to manage your DNS.  We recommend hover.com if you are new to this process, but there are many options.

Configure DNS

When you use several different subdomains, the use of a CNAME record can help redirect all of these subdomains to one specific hostname. This record can be created in your DNS. We recommend using the help documentation of the registrar where your domain is registered to find out how to do this. Here are the details of the record that needs to be created:

  • Type: CNAME

  • Hostname: [Your Hostname, such as tv.mydomain.com]

  • Target: webclient.odeum.io

Note: if you are using a root domain for your Odeum site, please read this article for additional required steps: Using root domains with Odeum

Configure the new custom domain in the Odeum Dashboard

Once done with the hostname setup, you can proceed to the Odeum Dashboard and visit the Platforms page:  https://dashboard.odeum.io/admin/Platforms
Click on "Configure" in the website section:

Click on "Set Up Custom Domain":

Enter your custom hostname and proceed by clicking "Check DNS".

Once this step is completed it may take a few minutes for your custom domain to be configured.  You can check the status online on the Platforms page.

Wait for SSL provisioning

IMPORTANT: Odeum sites require secure (HTTPS) transactions and therefore SSL certificates are required. Odeum provides this automatically, but it can take 24 hours for the SSL to be provisioned for your domain.

During this waiting period, you may not be able to access the site without accepting security warnings in your browser.

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