A major part of the Odeum platform is our subscription service. We allow your users to become paying subscribers to your Odeum channel and we handle all of the transaction-related emails for our publishers.

Users are able to subscribe through external providers like Apple and Roku using in-app-purchases. When they do that, they will manage their subscription through the tools offered by these platforms, but when they subscribe directly to your service on your Odeum-powered website, we will supply them with all of the tools for managing their subscription.

Odeum complies with major financial service providers requirements for a subscription based service (such as Visa's 2020 requirements). Here is a list of the emails sent by Odeum as a part of the transactional service:

Required Transactional Email - initiated by user activity related to signing in

  • Activate Your Subscription - Sent to a subscriber the moment they submit their signup information with a required email activation button they must tap/click to activate.

  • Confirm Login - Sent to a subscriber when they attempt to sign in on the website or a mobile app on a phone or tablet with a confirmation button they must tap/click to complete their sign in.

  • Cancellation Received (added in September 2020) - Sent to a user when they request to cancel their subscription. It tells them the request was received, allows them to undo it if it was a mistake, and notifies them of when their access will end.

Required Notification Email - Sent by the system related to recurring subscription events.

  • Free Trial Start (added in April 2020) - Sent as soon as the subscriber starts a Free Trial and contains required information about the trial period, how to cancel, and when and what they will be charged at the end of the trial.

  • Free Trial is Ending - Sent 3 days before a Free Trial ends and contains required information about the trial period, how to cancel, and when and what they will be charged at the end of the trial.

  • Subscription: Successful Charge - Sent immediately after a successful credit card charge is made. Contains details of the charge.

  • Subscription: Failed Charge - Sent immediately after a credit card charge fails. Contains information from the credit card system about the reason for failure and instructions for the subscriber to change their card information.

  • Subscription: Upcoming Renewal - (Only sent to subscribers on an annual plan) Sent 7 days before a subscription renews. Contains amount of charge and date of future charge.

Optional Email - can be configured by the Publisher in the Dashboard > Email Automation section.

  • Welcome Email - Sent immediately after successful signup.

  • X Days After Signup Email - Sent a number of days after a successful signup. The number of days is configurable by the Publisher.

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