Recently Launched Features

  • Odeum Live - The ability to broadcast live video - now in BETA

  • Caption Tracks - Feature to support subtitles and captions using standard format caption tracks uploaded to the dashboard (current web-only support - coming to mobile and tv apps)

  • Roku catalog integration - Surface videos in the main Roku search interface.

  • Zapier Integration - Use Zapier to connect Odeum to thousands of other platforms and synchronize your data!

  • Bulk Video Uploader - An overall improved upload experience, including the ability upload multiple video files at once.

  • Dashboard Redesign - modernized design of the management dashboard

  • Coupons that adjust free trial - ability to adjust length of free trial with a coupon code.

  • Coupons for "free" access - give unlimited or time-limited free access with no need to enter a credit card.

In Progress

  • v3 Apps for iOS - Very exciting updates to the design of our app platform to match the structure and visual appeal of the website platform, including new sign in options using SMS and Face ID/Touch ID.


  • v3 Apps for tvOS, Android, Amazon, and Roku

  • Q&A for Odeum Live - The ability for subscribers to submit questions for broadcasters to respond to in real time

  • Fire & Fire TV IAP - In app purchases on the Amazon platform.

  • Tiered Subscriptions - ability to create different subscription tiers to access specific content catalogs.

  • Premium TVOD Add-Ons - ability to sell access to premium content to your subscriptions through one-time transactional purchases.

  • Auto-Play - ability to have videos auto-play inside a series/playlist.


  • Additional Series/playlist options - ability to nest playlists inside of each other and create more complex navigation structures.

This list only includes high-level features. The Odeum team publishes regular small updates to all elements of the platform that are noted on the release logs.

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