The “magic link” way of activation is currently our only supported method, and we don’t have plans to make any changes to that as of now. Odeum is built to be as low-friction as possible to help you gain subscribers easily and keep them active without hassle.

How it works

Users do not have passwords. They will "activate" their app or their login on the website by entering their email address and then clicking a link that will arrive in their email inbox. This step is very quick and confirms their identity and active subscription.

This type of login/activation is becoming more and more popular and is preferred for a lot of reasons. Using this method helps you and your customers move past many problems that may arise from other, more conventionally imagined security methods.

Some of the major benefits of this type of activation are:

Security - over 80% of security breaches are caused by poor passwords

Support - nearly 50% of customer support tickets are related to forgotten or compromised passwords

Friction - Passwords increase user friction by over 60%.

One thing that we recommend is for you to encourage your subscribers not to log out. With a system like this there is no reason to ever log out of the website or the app. As long as a user visits the site somewhat regularly, they will never have to activate again. Without overwhelming you with data and such, hopefully this explanation will be helpful to you!

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