Channel - This is the generic term to describe what you are building for yourself using our platform - its your very own completely branded website and set of apps - we call that your "channel".

Dashboard - This is the website where you manage everything you do in Odeum as a publisher.

Publisher - This is the term we use for anyone using the Odeum platform to publish a subscription video service. Its YOU. :)

Subscriber - That's how we consistently refer to your customers - the users who will subscribe to your service.

Apps - We use the term intentionally - it refers to all the natively built apps that we will launch for you in the App Stores.

Platforms - This is how we refer to all the different services you will utilize to publish your apps. For example, the Apple App Store (where subscribers will download your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV apps) is a Platform in Odeum.

Managers - The people who access the Dashboard and modify your Odeum Channel.

Playlist - This is the default term we use for groupings of videos that you may create for your Channel. This term can be changed however, and many of our publishers prefer to call them "Series" or "Channel" or "Category".

Odeum Live

Server URL - This is the URL of the RTMP server. Odeum uses only encrypted RTMPS at this time.

Stream Key - The Stream Key is used to authenticate your live stream with Odeum. This is essentially your secret key to live streaming.

Live Transcoding - These are the minutes that you spend broadcasting live. If you broadcast a one hour event, you will generate 60 minutes of Live Transcoding.

Live Delivery - These are the minutes your viewers spend watching a live broadcast when it is happening. If you broadcast a one hour event to 10 people, you will generate 600 minutes of Live Delivery.

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