We've tried to keep our fee structure as simple as possible and one of those fees is the monthly "video storage fee". We understand this can be a bit confusing so here is how it works in a nutshell.

Odeum does not charge for bandwidth - either for uploading video to the Dashboard, or for your subscribers viewing video through the website or apps. We do have to cover the hard costs of delivering a video service however, and since all our publishers will have different volumes of content, we do this through a video storage fee.

How We Calculate

The video storage fee is based on the total storage of video in your Publisher account, and is tallied based on hours of video, not file size.

Because you can upload and delete video at any time, we use an "average" to calculate your total video storage for a month. Here is how we calculate it. Each day at midnight, our system stores the total number of hours of video in your Publisher account. At the end of the month, we calculate the average.


Example #1. If there are 30 days in a month, and for the first 15 days you have 5 hours of video in Odeum, and then you add 5 more hours on the 15th, bringing your total to 10 hours through the rest of the month, your total storage for the month would be 7.5 hours.

Example #2. If you keep those 10 hours of video in your account for the entire month, then your total storage for that month would be 10 hours.

Example #3. If you keep those same 10 hours of video in your account for the first 10 days, and then delete 5 hours of video on the 10th, at the end of that month your total storage would be roughly 6.67 hours.

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