Odeum was primarily built for a United States market. However, we do have publishers using our platform who are based in countries outside of the US.

Language Support

Odeum is not a multi-language platform at this time and has not announced any plans to add this capability. Publishers are able to enter text into many of the configurable areas of Odeum in any language they wish, but you are not able to change much of the core language of the platform. We highly encourage using Odeum only for audiences that will be able to read important text like subscription terms and conditions in English.

Note: The Odeum video player does not currently support caption files to allow subtitles or closed captioning in multiple languages, but this feature is on our roadmap.

Currency Support

Core Odeum Service

The base currency of Odeum is USD (United States Dollar). You will create your subscription plans in USD and the only currency supported on your Odeum-powered website for subscriber payments is USD. The Odeum Dashboard will only show USD prices and payouts to Publishers will be processed in USD.

Odeum Apps

The Odeum apps for Apple, Google Play, and Roku all support In-App Purchases for subscription payments. These platforms provide global support and local currencies - each with different pricing models and fees. Please consult the developer documentation for the details. At time of launch, if you would like us to orient your subscription pricing in your apps to be based on your local currency instead of USD, you may do that. For example, if you are targeting a price of 10 euros, you might set your pricing in Odeum at 12USD, but ask us to base your pricing tiers with Apple and Google Play to be based on 10 euros. Please note that the conversion rates in these services are also entirely out of the control of Odeum.

Payout Support

As of November 20, 2020, Odeum uses Stripe Connect to enable payouts to international Publishers. This service allows conversion to local currencies in the countries shown in the screenshot below:

As an international Publisher, you will have to accept the Terms provided by Stripe to enable international payouts - conversion rates and additional fees that may be charged are outside the control of Odeum.

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