There is no direct answer to pricing. We suggest looking into your market for examples, where else is the content available, how conveniently available is it, etc... What are your subscription goals? For example, is your goal to cover your costs and just get this content out? Are you trying to increase profits so will be pricing higher? Don't go too high in price where you price yourself out of getting paid subscribers either. You are not competing with Netflix, but you need to bear their cost in mind. In addition, you will need to consider your costs from Odeum and the app Stores ($/per subscriber, any additional video storage, and credit card fees, or app store commissions.)

We think running a successful subscription service also requires considering 2 things that your subscribers will be thinking about when making a buying decision:

  1. What do I get RIGHT NOW - how much content is in the library that I can watch the moment I subscribe. It should feel significant and meaningful to justify the purchase price.

  2. What will I get ONGOING - how much do I trust that this publisher is going to create lots of content to make this valuable.

You are able to give options for subscription pricing, giving a discount for signing up for multiple months in advance. Such as:

Monthly: Charged once a month

Bi-Monthly: Charged every other month

Quarterly: Charged every 3 months

Semi-Annually: Charged every 6 months

Annually: Charged once a year

Lastly, please be confident in the price you are setting. If you foresee raising your prices in the future, we always suggest pricing high now and offering discounts/coupon codes so you have upward mobility in pricing without needing to make changes later.

*Rolling out a price update/change is complex and different on each platform. This requires a lot of work and will be subject to additional fees.

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