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Broadcast LIVE video to your subscribers with the Odeum Live

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With Odeum Live, Publishers can broadcast live streaming video directly to their Odeum-powered website and apps from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

We are very excited to have you give it a try and to see what you do with it.

What are the features of Odeum Live?

Odeum Live will allow you to start a new live broadcast on-demand at any time of the day or night, which will automatically publish to the playlist of your choosing. This video will be identified as "LIVE" on the website and in your branded apps, allowing users to watch live.

Shortly after the conclusion of a live broadcast, the Odeum platform will automatically convert your live video into an on-demand video. This video will stay right where it is, and new viewers can watch it at any time. The video will also be available for management in the Odeum Dashboard like any other video, with the ability to change the title, description, thumbnail, etc.

Publishers can also configure the ability to automatically send Push Notifications to alert mobile app users at the start of a new live stream.

How to Broadcast

To use Odeum Live, you will need to be able to configure live streaming software on your own computer or mobile device. Please read our article "Configure Broadcast Software for Odeum Live" for more information.


There are two cost components for Odeum publishers. Please review your Odeum Plan for the details of what is included in your plan and the cost for overages.

  • Live Transcoding
    These are the minutes that you spend broadcasting live. If you broadcast a one hour event, you will generate 60 minutes of Live Transcoding.

  • Live Delivery
    These are the minutes your viewers spend watching a live broadcast when it is happening. If you broadcast a one hour event to 10 people, you will generate 600 minutes of Live Delivery.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing how you use Odeum Live.

What are future plans for Odeum Live?

In the future, we anticipate a set of additional features will be added to Odeum Live. These features include the ability to schedule live events and promote future events on your website and apps, as well as the ability to have separate subscription pricing plans that include live video, and more robust design integration for various live use-cases for publishers. We do not have an estimated release date for these features.

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