Any user who is granted access to an Odeum Channel through the Odeum Dashboard is considered a "Manager". Publishers may add as many managers as needed to administer the content and configuration of the Channel. Odeum supports 2 roles (Administrator and Content Manager) at this time. This article is written to help define the scope of what each role is able to do, along with an additional permission model for admins.

How to add Managers:

From your Dashboard, visit Account > Managers and click on the "Invite Manager" button.

From the next screen, you can enter the email, and choose the role and permissions for the Manager. The user will receive an email invitation to create their dashboard account.

Manager Roles and Their Abilities:

  • Account Owner - The Account Owner is just like an admin (see below) but is also the only one who can accept Odeum Plan changes. The Account Owner is also the only user who can transfer the role to someone else.

  • Admin - Admins will have complete access to all the features of your Odeum account, including content management features, financial set up, reporting, platform configuration and adding new managers. Admins also have access to the subscriber list, the ability to send push notifications, email communications and set up coupon codes/promo banners.

  • Content Manager - This type of user can manage the text and images on the website and apps, as well as all the video content and playlists, but not any of the platform configuration, financials, reporting, etc.

As Content Managers, this is what they will have access to on the Dashboard:

  • Tip: Use the External Video Upload Links feature to send an invitation to an External Contributor. This feature allows anyone you designate to upload video directly into your Odeum dashboard.

  • Receive Financial Statements Option - for Managers with the "Admin" role, you can now turn off a manager's ability to receive notification of financial statements but still keep their ability to administer the entire channel. Note: Financial statements are OFF for all Managers with the "Content Manager" role.

Note: Any manager with access to your Odeum Dashboard can sign in to your website and apps using their manager email address for free.

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