Once you have completed your Launch Checklist and hit the Launch My Channel button, that is when our team takes over and finishes the last few steps to launch your Odeum channel. When you click the button, our team is immediately notified that you are requesting the launch of your site. As soon as we can, we will begin looking over all of your submitted information and start assembling your apps.

If you would like, at this stage you can get in touch with us and request that your website go live immediately. This will allow customers to subscribe and begin watching your content right away. The links on your website to each of the apps will tell your customers that they are coming soon, but your subscribers will have full access to your content on the computer.

Our team builds each app manually, and the process may include creating new assets for your channel, so we ask that you keep an eye out for communications from our team regarding artwork for approval or any other questions or notifications we may have for you. If you would like to see a pre-release version of one of the apps, please let us know which platform you prefer (we do limit this to one platform).

When we have completed any new artwork and finished compiling all of your apps, we will submit them for review to your desired platforms such as the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, etc. Occasionally apps are rejected, but rest assured that we will make the necessary changes and make sure that your apps make it to their respective app stores. The progress of each of your apps can be monitored on the Launch Status page. Here you will be able to track the progress of your launch and see in one place how far along your apps are on each of the platforms.

When all of the apps are ready, we will notify you so you are aware of their releases and can tell your subscribers that your new apps are ready for them!

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