Version 4.0.0

January 17, 2022

  • Major Update to support the v3 apps - includes the consolidation of all content into one model to support both website and apps and many small feature refinements to support layouts on mobile, tablets, and TVs.

  • v1 & v2 apps will now be supported in their own section

  • Improved viewing support on mobile devices

  • "Featured Playlist" on marketing site is now managed as "Preview Content" directly on that panel

  • Improved content sanitization for special characters throughout dashboard

  • Launched new API to support v3 apps

  • Fix to calculation of total revenue on dashboard screen to include all sources

  • improved viewing of images with transparency inside dashboard

  • Dynamic pricing support for support of new upcoming Odeum Plans (tbd)

  • improved feedback messaging for various activities

Version 3.2.1

June 8, 2021

  • Removed incorrect help text about background video option on Subscriber Home Page configuration

  • New Developer Platform status for Google Play tracking

  • Improved UX for page title and action button consistency across the Dashboard

Version 3.2

May 20, 2021

  • Odeum Live Beta - New Feature - Publishers can now opt-in to the Odeum Live Beta and start broadcasting live through their Odeum apps and website. Learn More

  • Caption Tracks - New Feature - publish subtitles and captions via standard SRT, VTT, and DXFP file formats - Learn More

  • Improved Launch Status page - publishers in the launch queue can now track individual launch statuses for each app and website from the Launch Status page.

  • Bug fix with sending some emails from the dashboard when manager had changed email address in some cases.

  • UX improvement for longer resource names in the Resource Library

Version 3.1.1

April 12, 2021

  • New feature - ability to add external link to the navigation bar on the marketing site

  • Updated validation for app description length for Apple and Roku

  • New label added for features that are web-only and some optional features

  • Bug fix for characters showing in mobile nav incorrectly

  • Bug fix for display of fonts on app screenshot preview

  • Internal api release for support of Odeum Live Beta testing

Version 3.1.0

March 16, 2021

  • Internal release for system Dashboard data

Version 3.0.9

March 12, 2021

  • Bug fixes for data on new Publisher Dashboard - fixes to total all-time subscriber count, which also impacted LTV and Conversion rate. Additional fixes to chart data when subscriber didn't have a free trial

  • Improved styling throughout Promote & Communicate section

Version 3.0.8

March 9, 2021

  • Updated Dashboard with new data for Lifetime Value and Conversion Rate, among other improvements

  • Ability to end a canceled subscription immediately if needed

  • Improved Design of Email Communications screen

  • Improved Design and messaging for new manager invitation "create profile" experience

  • Fix: validation to make sure it is not possible to select a featured channel layout without also selecting the channel

  • Fix: publishers without a free trial now see new signups as conversions on the dashboard

  • Fix: current month financials missing data in some cases

  • Fix: Drag & Drop for first video in a playlist was buggy in some cases

  • Improved styling on Distribution page

  • API update for urlencoded characters coming from data processor in some error messages

Version 3.0.7

February 11, 2021

  • Added warnings to help avoid leaving pages without saving your edits

  • Updated design and layout in various pages in the Billing and Management sections

  • Clarified language from "Free" to "Available without subscription" throughout

  • Improved messaging for when videos fail to process server-side

  • Updated design for the Push Notifications creation/edit screens

  • Added notifications to confirm edits during drag & drop of videos in playlists

  • Major financial statement overhaul including upgraded integration, increased clarity and design, enabled Monthly pricing options for annual license fees, improved flow for annual license renewals and custom financial statement options for added features

  • Added "download all" feature to asset library

  • Updated icons for non-image assets in asset library

  • Restored icons on plan selection

  • Improved data handling for videos available outside subscription

  • Improvements to Zapier integration for latest charge data

Version 3.0.6

January 14, 2021

  • New Feature: Managers can now cancel subscriptions and issue refunds in the Dashboard

  • Additional validation and rules for selecting background videos on the home screen(s) - must be shorter than 30 seconds and in high-resolution landscape format.

  • Improved error messaging for drag/drop of videos into playlists when videos are in "processing" state.

  • Fixed typos in cancellation email and Email Configuration panel

  • Added restrictions to editing subscription plans after a channel is launched to avoid disruption to in-app-purchase flow

  • Additional data cleaning operations for deletion of closed accounts

  • Multiple performance improvements related to speed of page loads and larger data operations

  • Improved messaging for setup of sender email addresses - validation rules and error messages for public email domains

  • Improved provisioning of SSL certificates for custom domains - now takes less than 24 hours

  • Update to language on Financial Statements for clarity

  • Fixed bug where saving a video after removing all resources was not possible due to disabled button

  • Improved UX on resource name management to allow for saving via the Enter key

  • Updated delivery of logo files to preferred square format when default logo is used and is not square

  • Fixed bug related to duplicate creation of financial statements in some cases

Version 3.0.5

December 18, 2020

  • New feature: Coupon codes that only change the length of the free trial.

  • New login screen design.

  • Email bug fix for Free Trial begin notifications - update to proper free trial length when it has been changed by a coupon code.

  • Update to image requirements validation on playlists page

  • UI improvements for proper logo sizing on platforms pages

  • Ability to "select all" on videos page

  • Improvement to tracking of video processing to ensure more real-time updating of data in list view

  • Updates to error messages

  • Global changes to labels and styling for consistency

  • redesign of dragging interface when ordering playlists

Version 3.0.4

November 25, 2020

  • Updates/additions to descriptive text on subscription plans pages

  • Added description/specs to Asset Library page

  • Super admin updates for version controls

  • Updated apis for "coming soon" version of web client api

Version 3.0.3

November 20, 2020

  • Payouts with Stripe Connect - enabling all accounts to receive funds securely, and in international locations.

  • Many styling and design updates

  • Upgraded API for delivering higher-quality thumbnail images to the web client

  • Improved cropping experience on images

  • Updated default values for new publishers

  • Improved save routines on highly-used forms

  • Restyle of FAQ's section

Version 3.0.2

October 19, 2020

  • New Feature: Zapier Integration to allow publishers to sync data to over 2,000 other apps. Account > API Keys

  • Updated Cropper functionality for better UX

  • Updates to layout of the Asset Library

  • Improvements to Launch Checklist feature, including notices based on low content at launch

  • Various stability improvements

Version 3.0.1

October 15, 2020

  • New "walkthrough" feature to provide page-level and feature-level interactive walk through tours on-demand

  • Updated red highlight color for better ADA compliance

  • Logos updated in Platforms section to match app stores

  • Updated copy and styling throughout

  • Bug fix for tvOS app name visibility

  • Default labels have been updated to new standard (ie: "Playlist" is now the default)

  • Fix to platform version release dates

Version 3.0

October 7, 2020

  • Updated design, with new simplified page structure and navigation, along with more helpful labeling and instructions throughout

  • Bulk video uploader - upload multiple videos at one time, and keep working in the dashboard while they upload!

  • Ability to manage your email branding separate from your app and web branding

  • Feature to preview your mobile app configuration visually while you work

  • Improved user experience in video management, including setting video thumbnail

  • Ability to assign a video to playlists from the video screen

  • Improved experience for platforms management

Version 2.0.9

September 29, 2020

  • An Odeum subdomain is now automatically assigned to every new publisher, so website previews can be done without complicated setup.

  • Re-engineering of our email integration and more robust handling of opt-in/out statuses with our bulk email partner.

  • Fix to Android user agent reporting for statistical data.

Version 2.0.8

August 27, 2020

  • Addition of new cancellation verification email when user requests subscription cancellation.

  • Update to dashboard month-to-date chart to show cancelled subscribers. Removed "total subscribers" number from this view.

  • Added "Disclaimer" feature to allow a publisher to post a disclaimer to their site as needed.

  • Updated design for "View Marketing Site" links for better visibility

  • various bug fixes and improvements for administrators

  • Updated Roku video feed for when videos appear in multiple playlists

  • Improved design for push notifications page prior to setup

  • Updated transactional emails for users who may not have a credit card attached to a free subscription that is ending

Version 2.0.7

August 14, 2020

  • Addition of video count on videos page

  • better management of communication features around Google Play access and API Keys

  • Ability to sort by Google subscribers

  • Updates to dashboard to clarify subscriber count and updated graph visually representing trials/conversions/cancellations and net growth/decline.

  • New capability to offer a "free" coupon code for any duration, with an option to not require a credit card.

  • New capability to adjust the free trial length using a coupon code

  • Fix to show the most recent charge when subscriber is from Google Play

  • Added pagination to the Resource Library

  • updated core functionality related to device activations and device identification (app updates to follow and implement these features)

  • New feature to add social links to the website (Style & Appearance > General)

  • Feature to stop spamming of the text-to-download feature

  • Improved cleanup of unactivated subscriptions

  • Updated subscriber support email address

  • Ability to add "subtitle" to Apple App Store configurations

  • improved back-end management of app versions

Version 2.0.6

July 20, 2020

  • Updates to the top level reporting on the dashboard landing page

  • Added video stats to each video page, showing engagement over time, etc

  • Added a powerful video stats report called "Content Performance Report" found in the Activity section

  • Added some more details to the subscriber data export, including significant dates of activities

Version 2.0.5

June 2, 2020

  • New "Resource Links" feature. Ability to add a downloadable PDF or external link to any video or playlist.

  • Fix to calculation on Growth Plan statements

  • Added data in Subscriber list exports to include information about marketing email opt in status, and subscription cancellation data

  • Enhanced messaging to publishers when Developer Platform falls into "Needs Attention" status

  • Visual display of marketing opt in/out status on Subscriber detail page

Version 2.0.4

May 2, 2020

  • Amazon Fire push notification support

  • Added subscriber name to subscriber detail screen

  • Fix to report sub-total on current month financials report (display issue only)

  • Various performance improvements and default data population changes

  • Super admin features related to batch management

Version 2.0.3

April 30, 2020

  • Updated Subscriber List page with new filtering options

  • Improved messaging on suggested image sizes

  • Improved onboarding experience with default data and validation requirement updates

  • Improved support for international numbers with text-to-download api

  • Updates to transactional emails to support VISA's subscription communication requirements.

Version 2.0.2

April 24, 2020

  • New Feature - FAQ's - Publisher can now add and edit their own FAQ's to be added to the default FAQ's available online for their website

  • New Feature - ACH payments - Publisher can now add ACH banking info to receive payouts via direct ACH transfer.

  • Fix to include "suspended" status in subscriber export file

  • Fix to Dashboard revenue number not included app store revenue

  • Various bug fixes and improvements to administrative functions

  • Updates for support of Fire apps

Version 2.0.1

  • New super-admin features for subscriber management

  • Better error messaging for various features

  • Updates to Free Trial UX

  • Multiple API adjustments to support new web client

  • New policy links

Version 2.0

  • support for the new web client design

  • New branding panel

  • New asset library for uploading raw assets to the Odeum team

  • New website panels for marketing and subscriber versions

  • New SEO & Sharing panel

Version 1.0 - 1.X

  • Initial release and various bug fixes

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